Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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Bureau issues Climate Outlook for August to October 2015


The Bureau of Meteorology today issued its monthly and seasonal climate outlooks for August to October 2015.

The outlook for the next three months indicates:

Drier-than-average season is generally more likely for parts of the north and far southeast, while wetter in the west.

Warmer nights are very likely for most of Australia, with warmer days likely for much of the east, and along the southern coastline.

Current outlook reflects the much warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean and El Niño in the Pacific.

Updated each month, Climate Outlooks provide a key service for many Australian sectors that need to look at the months and season ahead for their planning, such as the resources, agriculture and rural sectors, as well as emergency services.

Climate Outlooks indicate likely temperature and rainfall trends over monthly or seasonal timescales, and are driven by large-scale shifts in the climate such as El Niño or La Niña events. By contrast, weather forecasts are currently produced out to seven days, and are used in short-term planning.

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