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Major flood peak for the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton expected today


Queensland Regional Hydrology Manager Victoria Dodds said a height of 8.9 metres was recorded at 2am this morning (Friday).

Rockhampton exceeded the major flood level of 8.5 metres at Rockhampton at 6pm on Wednesday. On Thursday levels oscillated around the 8.8 metre mark. The Bureau of Meteorology won't call the flood peak until this figure starts to recede.

On Thursday Ms Dodds said: "Latest estimates still place the flood peak around the 9 metre mark, but the peak is now expected a little later today, around midday. It is also likely to be a broad peak, which will last for many hours."

"As this is the first big flood event of the year, this slower peak is likely to be in response to the flood plains filling up as flood waters move through the river system.

"The equivalent of four Gabba stadiums full of water will pass through Rockhampton every five minutes at the peak.

"This will be the fifth largest flood at Rockhampton in recent history. The largest was in January 1918 at 10.1 metres.

"While this places the level of 9 metres below that of 1954 (9.4 metres), and below that of 2011 (9.2 metres), major flooding is still expected for the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton, and local emergency services anticipate a number of homes and business will be inundated," said Ms Dodds.

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Media can download the audio interview with Queensland Regional Hydrology Manager, Victoria Dodds for broadcast purposes from our Newsroom.