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SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Update on hot weather in southeast Australia


METEOROLOGIST SARAH FITTON:Hello from the Bureau with the latest on heatwaves and fire weather across the southeast this weekend, before a cool change brings relief.

A broad area of the southeast will experience Severe heatwaves this long weekend, with parts of Tasmania set to reach Extreme levels.

Fire weather warnings are in place for parts of south-east South Australia today, and are likely to extend into western Victoria and Tasmania tomorrow. Severe thunderstorms are also possible, so keep an eye out for the latest warnings.

The heat will continue to build this weekend; Adelaide is expected to exceed 40 degrees today and tomorrow, and with an overnight minimum of 27 degrees tonight, there will be very little relief for now.

Northwest Victoria will see a continuation of hot conditions. The heat is increasing in Melbourne today, peaking on Sunday at 39 degrees, before an uncomfortably warm night into Monday.

Tasmania is also set to have a very warm weekend; Hobart's forecast is 36 degrees on Sunday, while areas further inland could get closer to forty degrees.

Residents of Victoria and Tasmania would already be feeling a significant increase in humidity, and as temperatures rise it will feel increasingly muggy and uncomfortable. These humid conditions inhibit the body's natural cooling ability and intensify the effects of heat stress, so it's important to follow advice from your state health department.

Fortunately a cool change is on the way. Adelaide will see some relief during Sunday afternoon, before a larger drop in temperature in the evening. The cold front will extend across Victoria and Tasmania on Monday, reaching Hobart and Melbourne during the afternoon. The change will be accompanied by showers and storms, and temperatures across the southeast will drop significantly.

While this heat remains you can keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website and App. Please follow all advice from emergency services and you can also follow us on Twitter.