Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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Bureau of Meteorology committed to providing the Australian community with trusted, reliable and responsive services


There have been misinformed claims that changes the Bureau is considering will reduce the quality of our services in different parts of the country. Any suggestions the Bureau is reducing its commitment to any state or territory are absolutely false.

There has been significant investment in the Bureau in recent years, which we are using to improve our services across the country.

The Bureau of Meteorology is absolutely committed to providing the Australian community with trusted, reliable and responsive weather, climate and water information – all day, every day.

This strong focus on the needs of everyday Australians, emergency services and industries is at the heart of proposed improvements to the Bureau's services.

These changes would mean our staff based in each state and territory will have more time to work shoulder-to-shoulder with emergency services, providing first responders with specialised weather information during emergency situations.

Local staff would also be freed-up to provide tailored information to farmers, the broader agricultural sector, the water and energy sectors, shipping, our defence forces and the aviation sector – in fact anyone who relies on our weather and climate expertise.

These improvements are possible thanks to the Bureau's significant investment in advanced technology such as the supercomputer, climate prediction models and suite of digital products.

Just like the smartphones on which millions of Australians access our weather information via the BOM app, the technology used by the Bureau to forecast weather is constantly becoming more advanced, versatile and mobile.

To be clear, these proposed changes are not about cost-cutting and there are no plans to remove the Bureau's presence from any state or territory.

The Bureau is dedicated to thoroughly engaging with staff, customers and stakeholders on the proposed transformation and that process is underway.