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First look at Australia's Christmas Day weather


Most of Australia looks set for a warm and dry Christmas Day, with the Bureau of Meteorology's first seven-day forecast showing only a slight chance of rain for the majority of the country.

With Christmas still a week away the forecast is not set in stone, but Australia can now start preparing for the festive season with the likely weather in mind.

A large high-pressure system is likely to cover most of the continent on the big day, bringing temperatures in the high 20s and into the 30s to most capitals.

However, northern parts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory can expect a scorcher, with the mercury heading much higher, with potential for 40-plus in some places.

Meanwhile, illustrating Australia's meteorological diversity, Tasmania is expecting mild temperatures with the chance of light rain in the west and some late drizzle in the east.

Meteorologist Grace Legge said at this stage the only significant rain on Christmas Day is likely to be through some parts of northern Queensland and the Northern Territory, where afternoon showers and storms are typical in the tropics during the wet season. Some moisture may drag south of the Gulf of Carpentaria with a heat trough building.

"The heatwave that is forecast to stretch from the north-west of Western Australia all the way to central New South Wales later this week will still be making its presence felt, as hot, dry air lingers, bringing very high temperatures to many inland regions," she said.

"Heat will be dragged through much of the country for Christmas, though sea breezes may keep some coastal areas a little cooler than inland parts. Through southern Victoria and Tasmania temperatures are a little hard to predict with the timing of a cool southerly change that will determine the Christmas maximum.

"We're still a week out and timing of these systems may change which could affect the forecast, so keep an eye out for the latest forecasts."

The Bureau advises weather watchers to look for the official seven-day forecast, due for release at 4.20pm today (18 December) in all states and territories.

Keep up to date with the latest on the nation's weather throughout the holiday period at

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