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Weather Update: Heavy rainfall and floods in northern Queensland, 2 February 2019


Hello from the Bureau with an update on the incredible rainfall occurring across northern Queensland, particularly in the Townsville region. I'm meteorologist Dean Narramore and this is Hydrologist Claire with an update.

We're seeing very heavy rainfall continue across much of Queensland particularly northwestern Queensland and also the Townsville region, where we've seen falls over 300mm occur particularly west of Townsville where falls in excess of 300mm.

Woolshed actually had 369mm in the 24 hours from 9am. And that's on top of the almost meter of rain we've seen in the previous 4 days there.

Many locations have seen falls in excess of 200 to 300mm Even the Townsville metro area has seen falls in excess of 150 and that's extended down all the way into the Ross River area.

We're expecting to see that rainfall continue today especially through this area we'll see there's very heavy falls again continuing right through today and into tomorrow.

Now with all this rain we've seen some major flooding, and Claire I was hoping you can update us on the latest flooding that is occurring across Queensland particularly any Flood Warnings out right now.

Yes thanks Dean. So unsurprisingly our biggest area of concern at the moment is the catchments around the Townsville area.

We currently have several Flood Warnings, Major Flood Warnings out in this area, including a Major Flood Warning for the Ross River.

A Major Flood Warning for the Bohle River as well as a Major Flood Warning continuing in the Haughton River just to the south of Townsville.

We also have a Moderate Flood Warning out for parts of the Burdekin and River where we are seeing river level rises and we do expect that to continue into next week.

The other area of concern is in Northwest Queensland where we've seen significant rainfall in the past few days, and we currently have a Major Flood Warning out for the Flinders River as well.

We've got other Flood Warnings covering other parts of goal of the Gulf catchments as well as some of the channel country.

So this is a dynamic situation, we're expecting further heavy rainfall over the next few days and with that we expect to see further river level rises and even the possibility of flash flooding.

Yeah no this really is a major event shaping up for Northern Queensland.

Thank you Claire and remember to stay up-to-date with the latest forecasts and warnings from the Bureau website and also listen to the advice from emergency services.