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AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Tasmania winter and August summary


Bureau of Meteorology Climatologist, Ian Barnes-Keoghan, disccuses the winter and August outlook for Tasmania in 2019 including:

The following points are covered in this interview, current as of 2pm on 2 September 2019

- Cold nights and wet in the southeast during August

- Hobart had its wettest August since 2010, wettest month since May 2018

- Wet in the west for winter overall, but dry continues in the east

- Day time temperatures overall above average for winter

- Pattern in the coming months show east coast is likely to have a dry spring

- Rainfall expected to be close to average for the west coast.

This interview is current as of 2pm and can be downloaded via this link.

For the full August climate summary, please go to

For the full winter climate summary, please go to