Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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Date State Title
24/12/2015 National Monsoon trough brings increased risk of cyclone & floods
21/12/2015 National Spotlight on marine weather safety over the holidays
18/12/2015 National Severe to extreme heatwave conditions to peak tomorrow before relief
17/12/2015 NSW Bureau storm damage assessment confirms Kurnell tornado
17/12/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for January to March 2016
10/12/2015 TAS Preparations for new West Takone weather radar to begin early 2016
07/12/2015 National Bureau proud to support 2nd international Indian Ocean research expedition
02/12/2015 WA Upgraded Perth weather radar provides more frequent images
02/12/2015 WA Upgraded Kalgoorlie radar provides regional WA with Doppler images
02/12/2015 National Statement on media reports on cyber security
24/11/2015 NT Post-event report on Severe Tropical Cyclone Lam released
19/11/2015 National Cyclone awareness campaign launched
19/11/2015 NSW Hot Friday on the way for Sydney and parts of NSW
19/11/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for December 2015 to February 2016
18/11/2015 National Mt Rinjani eruption ongoing with considerable decrease in strength
06/11/2015 National New tide gauge for Niue - waves, tides, weather & sea level
05/11/2015 NSW Storm season underway, with more thunderstorms likely for NSW
04/11/2015 National Extraordinary weather images capture the diversity of our landscape
03/11/2015 National Bureau releases one-stop shop for national groundwater information
29/10/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for November 2015 to January 2016
21/10/2015 National Australia better prepared for drought thanks to Water Information Programme
12/10/2015 National Bureau releases Tropical Cyclone Season Outlook for 2015-2016
07/10/2015 National Indian Ocean reinforcing El Nino for October
30/09/2015 National Spectacular new era in satellite meteorology unveiled
24/09/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for October to December 2015
18/09/2015 National New streamflow service helps to better manage water
27/08/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for September to November 2015
26/08/2015 NSW Minor flood warning for the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers
26/08/2015 QLD Radar upgrade boosts Cape York weather warnings and forecasts
25/08/2015 NSW East Coast Low currently affecting the southern NSW coast
24/08/2015 NSW Heavy rain expected for the southern NSW coast
16/08/2015 TAS Snow for third time in two weeks in Tasmania
11/08/2015 National A plan for the growth of Australia’s blue economy
10/08/2015 National Latest update on volcanic ash from Mt Raung in Indonesia
03/08/2015 TAS More snow on the horizon for Tasmania
30/07/2015 TAS More snow forecast for Tasmania over the weekend
30/07/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for August to October 2015
21/07/2015 National New supercomputer to supercharge weather warnings and forecasts
20/07/2015 QLD Upgraded Townsville Doppler weather radar now available to the public
20/07/2015 QLD Upgraded Cairns Doppler weather radar now available to the public
15/07/2015 NSW Further snow forecast for the New South Wales ranges
13/07/2015 National Bureau releases response to Technical Advisory Forum report
09/07/2015 National Weekend cold snap for south eastern Australia
30/06/2015 NT Tennant Creek radar to close as Bureau modernises weather observations
30/06/2015 National National Water Account: Fall in storages leads to drop in water use
25/06/2015 National Bureau introduces northern rainfall onset outlook
25/06/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for July to September 2015
25/06/2015 National Climate resilient water sources go online to support water security
18/06/2015 National Bureau welcomes release of Technical Advisory Forum report
28/05/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for June to August 2015
12/05/2015 National Bureau confirms tropical Pacific now at El Niño levels
07/05/2015 National National Water Performance Report shows shift to diverse water sources
05/05/2015 National All Bureau forecast and warning services are up-to-date
01/05/2015 NSW Northern NSW to feel the brunt of East Coast Low overnight
01/05/2015 QLD Queensland to feel the brunt of East Coast Low today
29/04/2015 National Bureau forecasts further development of East Coast Low
28/04/2015 National Bureau monitoring the potential for another East Coast Low to develop
24/04/2015 SA Wet and windy conditions leading up to ANZAC Dawn Service
23/04/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for May to July 2015
22/04/2015 NSW Severe weather continues for the NSW coast, low to gradually weaken today
02/04/2015 National Don't cast aside safety this Easter
28/03/2015 QLD Preliminary information on Tropical Cyclone Nathan now available
26/03/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for April to June 2015
24/03/2015 National Statement released on recent heat in northern and central Australia
19/03/2015 QLD Cyclone Nathan forecast to further intensify before crossing the coast
13/03/2015 WA Severe Tropical Cyclone Olwyn continues south, close to the coast
26/02/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for March to May 2015
24/02/2015 QLD Preliminary information on Tropical Cyclone Marcia now available
23/02/2015 NT Preliminary information on Tropical Cyclone Lam now available
19/02/2015 QLD Tropical Cyclone Marcia to reach Category 5 system at landfall
19/02/2015 NT Tropical Cyclone Lam forecast to make landfall overnight
18/02/2015 NSW Heavy rain forecast for northeast NSW on Friday
10/02/2015 National Bureau publishes definitive report on Australia’s climate in 2014
05/02/2015 National Bureau now tweeting in all states and territories
29/01/2015 National Bureau issues Climate Outlook for February to April 2015
22/01/2015 WA Extreme heatwave to continue for large parts of Western Australia
20/01/2015 National Members of the Technical Advisory Forum on climate records announced
09/01/2015 National Bureau warns of significant rainfall for central and southeast Australia
06/01/2015 National Bureau confirms 2014 as Australia’s third warmest year on record
05/01/2015 National Tropical low to track inland, with significant rainfall and strong winds
02/01/2015 National Heatwave and strong winds increase fire danger for southern Australia