Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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Date State Title
21/12/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology Climate Outlook for January to March 2018
15/12/2017 National Severe Weather Update Transcript: Fire danger & cold front, Western Australia and South Australia
06/12/2017 National La Nina established in tropical Pacific
02/12/2017 National Severe weather update: Heavy rain and flooding in Victoria and southeastern New South Wales
01/12/2017 National Severe weather update: Heavy rain and flooding in southeastern Australia
01/12/2017 QLD Thunderstorms and moderate to heavy rainfall for southern Queensland
30/11/2017 National Severe Weather Update: Heavy rain and thunderstorms for eastern Australia
30/11/2017 National Summer of 2017-18: What to Expect
30/11/2017 National Observer's snapshot: a year in Antarctica
29/11/2017 National Significant widespread rain and thunderstorm event to affect multiple states this weekend
29/11/2017 National Updated volcanic ash alert for Mount Agung
27/11/2017 National Volcanic ash update for Mount Agung
26/11/2017 National Volcanic Ash Advisory issued following activity at Mt Agung
08/11/2017 National A kaleidoscope of weather in the 2018 Australian Weather Calendar
30/10/2017 National Forecasters on the way to a totally 'cool' summer
26/10/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology Climate Outlook for November 2017 to January 2018
20/10/2017 QLD Rain for southwest, flooding eases for the coast
18/10/2017 QLD Heavy rainfall easing, flood warnings to remain in place
17/10/2017 QLD Persistent, heavy rainfall for southern and central Queensland coastal regions
16/10/2017 QLD Continuing heavy rainfall for Queensland southern coastal regions
09/10/2017 National Typical Australian cyclone season likely
02/10/2017 TAS Stay sun smart against UV radiation
01/10/2017 QLD Heavy rainfall for southern central Queensland, Wide Bay and Fraser coasts
28/09/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology Climate Outlook for October to December 2017
27/09/2017 National Severe weather update video and transcript:Heat and fire danger in Qld and NSW
22/09/2017 National Severe weather update video and transcript: Fire danger in New South Wales and Queensland
22/09/2017 QLD Mount Stapylton radar switched on and ready for storm season
08/09/2017 National Bureau welcomes release of Technical Advisory Forum report
07/09/2017 National Bureau welcomes findings of Automatic Weather Station review
31/08/2017 National Spring outlook points to warmer temperatures for the north and southeast
29/08/2017 NSW Sydney's weather radar to go offline for an upgrade
17/08/2017 National Giving Australians an early look at the climate ahead
01/08/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology statement on temperature observations
21/07/2017 NSW New service to improve safety for rock fishers, boaters and swimmers
19/07/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology continuing to deliver forecasts and warnings during industrial action
05/07/2017 National See lightning in a flash - new lightning viewer on Bureau website
29/06/2017 National Bureau of Meteorology climate outlooks for July to September 2017
20/06/2017 National El Nino WATCH cancelled; ENSO neutral likely for 2017
14/06/2017 National Adelaide's weather observations historical return to West Terrace, or 'ngayirdapira'
09/06/2017 QLD Longreach weather radar to provide coverage around the clock
09/06/2017 NSW Keep informed and stay safe during long weekend of wet weather in North East NSW
08/06/2017 WA Watheroo Doppler radar online
17/05/2017 National Rain on the way for eastern states, south-west WA
16/05/2017 National New tropical cyclone research delivers benefits to the oil and gas industry
16/05/2017 QLD Heavy rainfall, potential flooding for coastal Queensland
12/05/2017 NT Removal of the 'giant golf balls' at Met Building in Casuarina
11/05/2017 WA New weather station for Swan Valley
27/04/2017 National Bureau releases its monthly and seasonal climate outlooks for May to July 2017
07/04/2017 QLD Major flood peak for the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton expected today
31/03/2017 QLD Blue skies return for Queensland, flooding to continue for several days
30/03/2017 QLD Heavy rain and gusty winds in southeast Qld to ease, as ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie moves out to sea
30/03/2017 National Bureau releases climate outlooks for April to June 2017
29/03/2017 QLD Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie tracking southwards today, bringing torrential rain
28/03/2017 QLD Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie to impact the Queensland Coast today
27/03/2017 QLD Tropical Cyclone Debbie to impact the Queensland Coast tomorrow
26/03/2017 QLD Tropical Cyclone Debbie to impact the Queensland Coast on Tuesday
25/03/2017 TAS Weather observer notices a lot of change in 30 years
25/03/2017 QLD Tropical Cyclone Debbie to impact the Queensland Coast
24/03/2017 QLD Coral Sea Tropical Cyclone likely to develop this weekend
23/03/2017 QLD Increasing risk of a tropical cyclone developing this weekend
21/03/2017 QLD Rain and thunderstorms to continue, heaviest falls around the Capricornia coast
17/03/2017 QLD Showers and storms ahead for Queensland, heavy rain south of the border
16/03/2017 National New report shows residential water use steady in 2015 - 16
01/03/2017 National Be part of something beautiful
28/02/2017 National Likelihood of El Nino in 2017 increases
20/02/2017 National Tropical Cyclone Alfred remains slow moving along the Gulf of Carpentaria coast
17/02/2017 WA South Doodlakine Doppler radar images now online
10/02/2017 NSW Extreme heatwave conditions could break records
25/01/2017 National Bureau issues climate outlooks for February to April
10/01/2017 National Eastern Australia swelters under widespread heatwave conditions
05/01/2017 National 2016 a year of extreme weather events