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Emergency services in severe weather events

Emergency services in severe weather events

Weather affects all Australians, but some of us may also be affected by natural disasters – floods, cyclones and bushfires. These can impact on our health, property and environment so it is important to be prepared, know who your local emergency services are and how they can help you.

The Bureau's role

Our forecasts and warnings are vital in safeguarding Australians on land, sea and air. Each year we provide countless public weather warnings, aviation forecasts for domestic and international flight safety, and tide predictions for safe shipping in our region.

We work closely with emergency services in each State and Territory. Our forecasts and observations help emergency managers and response agencies make decisions to reduce risk and keep the community safe.

We also help develop community education and awareness-raising materials about natural hazards.

State and Territory emergency services

Emergency services in each State and Territory are responsible for protecting life and property. They provide valuable information, survival plans and emergency kits to help you plan and prepare ahead of severe events.

You can find further information and contact details on their websites, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Australian Emergency Management

Australian Emergency Management is the peak body for national emergency management. It provides Australian Government support to the States and Territories, helping them plan for emergency management and providing assistance if needed during emergencies.

Call 000 in an emergency

In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000). When you call, it's important to stay focused, relevant and on the line until the operator has all the information they need to assist you.

Bureau staff member briefing emergency services. Photograph by Keith Pakenham, Country Fire Authority.

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