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More rain forecast for Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland


Issued Monday 26 September 2022

Moderate to Major Flooding continues through large parts of inland New South Wales, with changes to flood warnings possible over the days to come as eastern Australia once again face rain, possible thunderstorms, and gusty winds.

Generally low to moderate rainfall is forecast, mostly through Victoria and southern/south-east NSW. However, catchments throughout the east are very wet and many dams are at capacity, so waterways will be very sensitive to any future rainfall.

Severe Thunderstorms are a risk during this period, most likely on Tuesday around south-east Qld, parts of eastern NSW, and northern Victoria. Severe storms may produce damaging wind gusts, localised heavy rainfall and large hailstones.

Significant areas of Moderate to Major Flooding continue in numerous inland rivers in Qld while Minor to Moderate Flood Warnings are current in Vic.

The low-pressure system and trough are expected to move offshore on Thursday, with conditions generally easing. However, onshore flow will likely enhance rainfall around NSW's Illawarra and South Coasts going into next weekend.

Communities should be aware that with catchments wet and many dams at capacity, waterways are very sensitive to any future rainfall, and flooding is expected to continue for several months.

Communities should stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via its website and BOM Weather app and follow advice of emergency services.