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WEATHER UPDATE: Heavy rainfall and flooding through southeast Australia


METEOROLOGIST, SARAH FITTON: Hello from the Bureau with an update on the wild weather through the southeast and a shift in focus to eastern Australia and Tasmania this weekend.

In the last two days a low pressure system and influx of tropical moisture have produced heavy rainfall and flooding through parts
of Victoria. Rain has been heaviest in the northwest around Birchip, and east of Wangaratta into the Alpine regions. Flood Warnings are current for the Kiewa and Avoca River catchments.

A tight pressure gradient around the low delivered fresh and gusty winds through South Australia overnight and this morning, but conditions have now begun to ease.

The heaviest rainfall risk today has contracted to southern Victoria, Alpine regions and parts of eastern Victoria and New South Wales.

Buckets of moisture and lots of wind shear are prime ingredients for very dangerous storms through the east again today, with the potential for further heavy rainfall, as well as large hail and damaging winds. And some warnings have already been issued, so keep an eye on the latest developments into the evening.

That severe storm risk also continues for eastern Australia over the weekend, with more warnings likely.

And then, as the low starts to weaken and move south, rainfall will intensify overnight Saturday into Sunday through northern and eastern Tasmania. Heavy rainfall is most likely in the moist onshore flow in the northeast and some locations could even receive more than 150mm. Flash flooding is a risk, as is minor to moderate flooding across multipleriver catchments.

With this weather set to continue into the weekend, please follow all advice from emergency services and remember not to drive into flood waters. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website or the BOM