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Issued: Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Severe weather warnings are current for most of southern Australia including southern WA, southern SA, Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW with two complex weather systems bringing damaging winds, heavy rain and dangerous seas.

Marine wind warnings are current for damaging seas across most of the southern coast. One of the systems has already brought swells of up to 9 m off the WA coast overnight.

The systems are likely to bring severe weather conditions to WA, SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania states until Thursday.

There is a low risk of minor flooding in some regions, and rainfall may melt some snow in the Alpine regions and could lead to increased river rises.

The Bureau is monitoring the situation closely and will update its forecasts and warnings regularly.

Communities are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via the Bureau's website and BOM weather app and follow the advice of emergency services.

South Australia

Damaging winds gusts of up to 90 km/h are expected around the western parts of SA on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Conditions will ease on Wednesday, then deteriorate on Thursday with thunderstorms possible on Thursday night.

Localised heavy rainfall is possible on Thursday night into early Friday morning for Adelaide and surrounding agricultural areas.


Damaging wind gusts expected across much of Victoria tonight and into Wednesday morning, with gusts up to 110km/hr over south-west Victoria from tonight and destructive wind gusts of up to 130km/hr possible over the Alpine peaks from early Wednesday morning.

Localised heavy rainfall is possible across north-east Victoria from Wednesday, easing Friday. Cumulative rainfall totals of 50-80 mm are expected for the eastern ranges between Wednesday to Friday, with 20-50 mm more broadly across the northeast. Isolated totals of 90-110 mm are possible across the period, most likely around the higher peaks.

A flood watch is current for north-east Victoria with minor to moderate flooding possible for Upper Murray, Mitta Mitta, Kiewa, Ovens and Kings rivers overnight on Wednesday into Thursday morning.

New South Wales

Severe weather warnings are likely to be issued for the south-eastern parts of NSW today or tomorrow.

Thunderstorms are possible across broad inland areas. Thunderstorm warnings may be issued later this week.

Localised heavy rainfall of between 70-120 mm is possible for parts of inland NSW from Wednesday to Friday.

There is no flood risk to the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley or Northern Rivers regions.


A flood watch will be issued for catchments in the north of the state with minor to isolated moderate flooding possible from Wednesday.

Strong wind gusts of up to 90 km/hr are possible on Wednesday morning, with the slight risk of gusts up to 100 km/hr and gusty thunderstorms possible on the north and west coasts on Wednesday.

Widespread rainfall of 20 to 40mm is expected across northern Tasmania on Wednesday.

These conditions will ease slightly on Thursday with wind gusts of 70 to 80 km/hr and a further 10 to 25 mm of rain in north and west Tasmania possible.


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