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The Bureau of Meteorology Newsroom has been designed to provide material that can be easily sourced
and referenced by journalists in media coverage of weather, warnings and other information of public interest.

Latest update on volcanic ash from Mt Raung in Indonesia

23 July 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology is continuing to monitor a volcanic ash cloud from Mt Raung, which has impacted aviation operations around the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia over the past few weeks. The ash cloud affecting Denpasar airport yesterday has cleared this morning (Thursday).

Volcanic ash plumes from Mt Raung, located on the eastern end of Java about 140km northwest of Denpasar Airport, were first reported by the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation in late June.

Mt Raung has been erupting continuously over the past few weeks, and this has generated a significant ash cloud.

Volcanic ash emitted from the volcano is continuing to move in different directions according to wind variations, and the altitude which the eruption reaches.

The Bureau of Meteorology's advice for the aviation industry relies on ground based and satellite observations, pilot reports, and sophisticated... read more...

New supercomputer to supercharge weather warnings and forecasts

21 July 2015 - National

Weather forecasts and warnings across the country will be more accurate and delivered faster thanks to a new supercomputer for the Bureau of Meteorology. The signing of a US$59 million contract with global supercomputer leader Cray Inc was announced today.

Funding for the new supercomputer had been announced by the Australian Government in the 2014-15 Federal Budget.

The supercomputer will significantly increase the Bureau’s current supercomputing... read more...

ENSO Update: El NiƱo continues to strengthen

21 July 2015 - National

The 2015 El Niño continues to develop. Weakened (or reversed) trade winds have resulted in further warming over much of the tropical Pacific Ocean.

All key ENSO ocean monitoring areas have been more than 1°C above average for 10 successive weeks— two weeks longer than the record in 1997. The eastern tropical Pacific is now at or exceeding +2°C. In the atmosphere, the past week has seen the Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) drop to around... read more...

Upgraded Townsville Doppler weather radar now available to the public

20 July 2015 - QLD

The Bureau of Meteorology has completed an upgrade of the Townsville (Hervey Range) weather watch radar, which will provide Doppler images on its website from today.

The Townsville radar is strategically located in the national radar network, and will provide an enhanced service to allow local communities, emergency services, mining and agricultural stakeholders in Far North Queensland to track local weather.

By adding Doppler, radar images will be more...