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The Bureau of Meteorology Newsroom has been designed to provide material that can be easily sourced
and referenced by journalists in media coverage of weather, warnings and other information of public interest.

Bureau releases Tropical Cyclone Season Outlook for 2015–16

12 October 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology has today released its 2015–16 tropical cyclone season outlook, signalling the start of severe weather public awareness campaigns in northern Australia.

Dr Andrew Watkins said this year's strong El Niño is very likely to dominate the coming season.

"The long-term average number of tropical cyclones in Australia during the November to April cyclone season is eleven.This year we expect fewer tropical cyclones than normal because of the effects of the strong El Niño in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

"The El Nino is expected to continue into 2016, and typically delays the date of the first cyclone to cross the Australian coast," Dr Watkins said.

Despite expecting fewer cyclones this season, the Bureau is urging Australians in the tropics to start their cyclone season preparations now.

"While El Niño is typically associated with fewer cyclones and a later start to the season, there... read more...

Indian Ocean reinforcing El Niño for October

07 October 2015 - National

The Bureau has today issued a mid-cycle update to its Climate Outlook for October to December 2015, as a result of rapidly evolving changes in key climate drivers in the oceans around Australia.

Bureau of Meteorology Climate Prediction Manager, Dr Andrew Watkins, said the Bureau monitors its rainfall and temperature model outlooks very closely.

“Since we released the Climate Outlook, there has been a significant shift toward a drier October for much of Australia.... read more...

Spectacular new era in satellite meteorology unveiled

30 September 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology has made near real-time imagery from the Japanese Himawari-8 satellite available to the public from today via its new web viewer. Himawari-8 is currently the most advanced dedicated weather satellite in the world.

Bureau Director and CEO Dr Rob Vertessy said the benefits are enormous.

“Himawari-8 is one giant leap in satellite...

Bureau issues Climate Outlook for October to December 2015

24 September 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology today issued its monthly and seasonal climate outlooks for October to December 2015.

The outlook for the next three months indicates:

October to December likely to be wetter than average in southwestern and central Australia; drier than average in parts of the southeast and northeast.

Warmer nights are likely for most of Australia; warmer days along parts of the southern and eastern coasts.

A very warm Indian Ocean,...