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The Bureau of Meteorology Newsroom has been designed to provide material that can be easily sourced
and referenced by journalists in media coverage of weather, warnings and other information of public interest.

Large volcanic eruption Mount Sinabung, Indonesia

19/02/2018 - National

There will likely be disruptions to flights in the vicinity of Mt Sinabung in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia, following a large eruption at 12.53pm AEDT today.

The eruption has sent volcanic ash 55 000 feet into the atmosphere.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) has briefed airlines and will continue to work closely with the aviation industry.

The VAAC's advice for the aviation industry relies on ground-based and satellite... read more...

AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Potentially strong winds extending across Victoria

19/02/2018 - VIC

Senior Meteorologist Tom Delamotte from the Bureau of Meteorology's Victorian Forecasting Centre covers the potential for strong winds extending across Victoria this afternoon.

Audio is available for download.


SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical Low affecting northern parts of WA

17/02/2018 - WA

METEOROLOGIST JONATHAN HOW: Hello from the Bureau, with an update on the Tropical Low that's currently affecting northern parts of Western Australia.

During the last 24 hours, the low has moved offshore of the Dampier Peninsula, but remained close to the coast, meaning that it hasn't intensified as initially expected. However, strong winds and heavy rain have hit communities in the western Kimberley and eastern Pilbara, particularly Broome, where we are seeing... read more...

SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Second update on developing tropical low over the Kimberley in WA

16/02/2018 - WA

METEOROLOGIST GRACE LEGGE: Hello from the Bureau here with an update on a developing tropical low over the Kimberley. We current have a low over the Dampier Peninsula that is moving west into open waters later today.

As the system continues to moves over water, it is likely to develop into a tropical cyclone. A tropical cyclone warning is in place for communities from Cape Leveque to Pardoo Roadhouse, including Broome. That means that gales force winds with gusts... read more...