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Some relief from heavy rainfall, widespread flooding continues across Queensland

09/02/2019 - National

The tropical low on the monsoon trough continues to move east over the Coral Sea, taking much of the heavy rainfall which caused widespread flooding in Queensland with it.

Queensland Flood Services Manager Victoria Dodds said while sunny conditions have returned for much of the state, satellite images reveal the extent the flooding on the Flinders River where tragically, widespread agricultural impacts and stock losses have been reported.

"Flooding in the...

Weather Update: heavy rainfall and flooding in northern Queensland, 6 February 2019

06/02/2019 - QLD

Hello from the Bureau, with the latest on the flooding situation across Queensland.

I'm Jonathan, one of the forecasters here at the National Operations Centre. I'm joined by Claire Mills, one of our hydrologists.

As the focus across large parts of Queensland now shifts towards recovery, at the Bureau our thoughts are with those not only affected by the devastation but also the emergency crews and everyday people that have worked tirelessly to keep... read more...

Weather Update: intense rainfall and flooding in northern Queensland, 5 February 2019

05/02/2019 - QLD

Good morning from the Bureau. We've continued to see intense and significant rainfall through northern parts of Queensland—especially around the coastal areas just northwest of Townsville, where we saw over 300 mm to 9 am this morning.

Looking at the satellite, we can see the low still sitting in northwest Queensland, with quite significant rainfall south of it.

The monsoon trough is extending all the way into the Coral Sea and causing that convergent... read more...

Weather Update: Flood emergency in Queensland, 4 February 2019 (2)

04/02/2019 - QLD

Hello again from the Bureau. I'm Adam Morgan and I'm joined by Claire Mills, one of our hydrologists, to give us an update on the flood emergency in north Queensland.

Now Claire, in Townsville last night we saw the flood gates at Ross River Dam opened in response to all the rainfall we've had. What's happening with the flooding on the Ross River today?

That's right, Adam. We are seeing major flood levels down at Aplin Wier in Townsville at the moment. Now... read more...