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The Bureau of Meteorology Newsroom has been designed to provide material that can be easily sourced
and referenced by journalists in media coverage of weather, warnings and other information of public interest.

National Water Account: Fall in storages leads to drop in water use

30 June 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology today released the final phase of the National Water Account 2014, a comprehensive record of water resources for nine key regions across Australia during 2013–14.

Dr Ian Prosser, Assistant Director Water Information Services at the Bureau, said the 2014 account highlights a decrease in Australia’s water storage volumes and a corresponding reduction in water use in rural areas.

“The National Water Account shows that ongoing dry conditions across much of Australia contributed to a reduction in storage inflows during 2013–14, placing greater demand on available water resources,” he said.

“Overall surface water storage volumes fell from 75 per cent capacity at the start of the year to 72 per cent by the end of June 2014.

“Storage volumes in the Murray–Darling Basin region decreased from 69 per cent to 57 per cent during the year, with rainfall almost 100mm below... read more...

Tennant Creek radar to close as Bureau modernises weather observations

30 June 2015 - NT

The Bureau of Meteorology is continuing to modernise its observation systems to deliver better services to remote and regional communities. As part of this program, the Bureau is automating observations, investing in satellite and other technologies that provide coverage over the entire continent, and closing ageing radars.

At Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, the radar will be decommissioned on 30 June 2015. This follows the closure of the Eucla radar in... read more...

Bureau introduces northern rainfall onset outlook

25 June 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology has today enhanced its Climate Outlooks service to include the probability of the northern rainfall onset occurring earlier than normal.

Mr Joel Lisonbee, Senior Climate Liaison Officer, said the Bureau’s northern rainfall onset outlook information will be issued monthly in late June, July and August each year.

The northern rainfall onset occurs when enough rain has fallen to stimulate plant growth after the dry season. This... read more...

Bureau issues Climate Outlook for July to September 2015

25 June 2015 - National

The Bureau of Meteorology today issued its monthly and seasonal climate outlooks for July to September 2015.

The outlook for the next three months indicates:

  • Generally wetter-than-average season is more likely for parts of the west, while drier in the far southeast.
  • Warmer days likely for northeastern Australia and the far south.
  • Climate influences include unusually warm sea surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean, and El Niño... read more...