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Date State Title
18/04/2018 QLD Mt Stapylton Radar offline for mid-life refurbishment
13/04/2018 National SPECIAL CLIMATE STATEMENT: Exceptional heat of April 2018
11/04/2018 SA AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Dangerous Fire Weather Conditions across SA
05/04/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria's expected warm and dry weather
05/04/2018 QLD WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical cyclone Iris off the central coast of Queensland
05/04/2018 TAS Meteorologist still fired up about forecasting after 30 years
04/04/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical Cyclone Iris
03/04/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical Cyclone Iris
03/04/2018 TAS AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Tasmania's March climate summary
03/04/2018 TAS Observers blown away by Maatsuyker Island's weather
02/04/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical Cyclone Iris off the north-east Queensland coast
01/04/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Rain and Flood Watch for Queensland coast
29/03/2018 QLD Brief reprieve from heavy rainfall, Flood Watch issued for early next week
29/03/2018 National Easter forecast (30 March - 2 April) 2018
29/03/2018 National Weather Update: Hazardous coastal conditions, developing heavy rainfall, flooding risk for Qld
28/03/2018 QLD One year since Cyclone Debbie made landfall near Airlie Beach
28/03/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria's Easter forecast
27/03/2018 QLD WEATHER UPDATE: Rain and flooding in Tropical North Queensland
23/03/2018 National Tropical Cyclone Nora update
23/03/2018 QLD Tropical Cyclone Nora forecast to strengthen to severe category cyclone strength
23/03/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria's weekend weather
22/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: 2nd update on potential tropical cyclone, Gulf of Carpentaria
22/03/2018 QLD Cyclone Watch in place for a tropical cyclone to develop in the Gulf tomorrow
21/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Possible tropical cyclone near the Top End of the NT
21/03/2018 NSW Severe weather warning for NSW: Hunter & Lower Mid North Coast
20/03/2018 NSW WEATHER UPDATE: Very heavy rainfall for central parts of NSW coast
20/03/2018 NSW Severe Weather Warning for NSW Central Coast
17/03/2018 National Weather Update: Fourth update on tropical cyclone Marcus
16/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Third update on tropical cyclone Marcus in NT
15/03/2018 NT Tropical cyclone watch issued for the Northern Territory
15/03/2018 NT WEATHER UPDATE: Cyclone watch declared for NT coast
15/03/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria's weekend forecast
15/03/2018 QLD Flood Watch issued for Queensland's far north coast
14/03/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Weekend forecast update for Victoria
14/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Ex-tropical cyclone Linda and potential impacts for southeast QLD
13/03/2018 National Our weak and short-lived La Nina comes to an end
13/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical low approaching southern Queensland
09/03/2018 National WEATHER UPDATE: Major flooding along North Tropical Coast of Queensland
09/03/2018 QLD Heavy rainfall easing in Queensland's far north, major flooding on the coast and Gulf
08/03/2018 National New report shows cost of water bills has fallen for first time in five years
07/03/2018 QLD Heavy rainfall and flooding to continue for the northern tropics
02/03/2018 QLD Heavy rainfall, flooding and damaging winds forecast for Queensland's Central and North West
28/02/2018 National La Nina on the way out as Australia heads into autumn
27/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Blustery conditions return to Victoria
22/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Gusty change and significant temperature drop forecast for Melbourne
19/02/2018 National Large volcanic eruption Mount Sinabung, Indonesia
19/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Potentially strong winds extending across Victoria
17/02/2018 WA SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical Low affecting northern parts of WA
16/02/2018 WA SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Second update on developing tropical low over the Kimberley in WA
15/02/2018 QLD SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Final update on the prolonged heatwave in Queensland
15/02/2018 WA Tropical low forecast to hit Kimberley coast on weekend
14/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Melbourne battered by strong wind gusts
13/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Be careful Cupid, strong winds forecast ahead of Valentine's Day
12/02/2018 QLD SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Heatwave in Queensland, 12 February 2018
12/02/2018 QLD Prolonged Severe to Extreme heatwave conditions to continue this week
12/02/2018 TAS Following dreams this International Day of Women and Girls in Science
09/02/2018 TAS AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Weather update for Hobart Regatta Long Weekend
09/02/2018 QLD SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Heatwave in Queensland, 9 February 2018
08/02/2018 TAS Volunteer recognised for 50 years of rainfall records
08/02/2018 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria weather update
27/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Update on hot weather in southeast Australia
25/01/2018 National Australia Day weather around the nation
24/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Hot weather and potential fire danger in southeast Australia
19/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Hot weather and fire danger in SA and southeastern States
18/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Fire danger and hot weather in SA and southeastern States
17/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Hot weather and fire danger in SA and southeastern States
12/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Tropical cyclone Joyce
11/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE:Tropical cyclone Joyce
10/01/2018 National SEVERE WEATHER UPDATE: Developing tropical low in Western Australia
10/01/2018 National Australia all over: 2017's climate in review
05/01/2018 National Severe Weather Update Transcript: Hot weather and fire conditions for South Australia and the southeastern states