Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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Date State Title
23/03/2020 National On World Meteorological Day, Australia's weather from space
05/03/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Significant rainfall across the eastern half of Victoria
02/03/2020 National Severe Weather Update: Ex-tropical cyclone Esther traverses inland Australia, 2 March 2020
27/02/2020 National Bureau looks ahead to autumn following a wetter end to a hot, dry summer
24/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: tropical cyclone Esther over NT/Qld border, 24 Feb 2020
24/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: intensifying tropical low in the Gulf of Carpentaria, 23 February 2020
19/02/2020 National Weather Update: potential tropical low in Gulf of Carpentaria, 19 Feb 2020
14/02/2020 WA MEDIA RELEASE: Esperance radar upgrade brings more weather data to the region
14/02/2020 NSW VIDEO NEWS RELEASE: TC Uesi, flooding & hazardous surf in eastern NSW
14/02/2020 VIC VIDEO NEWS RELEASE: Humid conditions with storms to follow for much of Victoria
14/02/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Humid conditions with storms to follow for much of Victoria
12/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: Tropical Cyclone Uesi west of New Caledonia, 12 February 2020
07/02/2020 WA Severe Weather Update: severe tropical cyclone Damien off WA coast, 7 February 2020
07/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: widespread heavy rainfall and flood risk along east coast, 7 February 2020
06/02/2020 WA Severe Weather Update: tropical low over northwest WA, 5 February 2020
06/02/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Storms and smoke haze forecast for Victoria
05/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: heavy rainfall and potential flooding for NSW & QLD, 5 February 2020
04/02/2020 National Severe Weather Update: rain & potential flooding for coastal NSW
03/02/2020 National Climate and Weather conversation: January rainfall Feb 3 2020
31/01/2020 National Severe Weather Warning: thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and flooding for SE Australia, 31 January 2020
31/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: heatwaves and dangerous fire weather, 31 January 2020
31/01/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Heat, humidity, rain and thunderstorms forecast for Victoria's weekend
30/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: high humidity and heavy rainfall 30 January 2020
30/01/2020 TAS AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Hot conditions and Severe fire danger for Tasmania
30/01/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria expecting very hot conditions with humidity building
29/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: heatwave conditions and significant rainfall, 29 January 2020
29/01/2020 QLD Severe Weather Update: heavy rain and flooding for northern Queensland, 28 January 2020
29/01/2020 TAS AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Tasmania expecting heat and elevated fire danger on Thursday and Friday
23/01/2020 National Weather Update: Monsoonal conditions developing over the NT and QLD, 23 January 2020
14/01/2020 National Weather update: heavy rain for NSW and East Vic, 14 Jan 2020
14/01/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Smoke haze for Victoria with rain on the way
13/01/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Victoria's weather forecast
09/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: tropical low crosses coast in Northern Territory, 9 January 2020
09/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: fire danger weather for SA, Vic, NSW 9 Jan 2020
09/01/2020 National Annual Climate Statement 2019: Periods of extreme heat in 2019 bookend Australia's warmest and driest year on record
08/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: tropical low intensifies north of Northern Territory, 8 January 2020
08/01/2020 VIC AUDIO NEWS RELEASE: Temperatures and fire danger on the rise in Victoria
08/01/2020 National Severe weather update: tropical cyclone Blake off WA and tropical low north of NT, 7 January 2019
06/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: tropical cyclone Blake - 6 January 2020
03/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: dangerous fire weather conditions 3 January 2020
02/01/2020 National Severe Weather Update: Elevated fire danger & heat for WA, SA, Vic & NSW 02 Jan 2020