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Heat builds across southern, eastern and western Australia as monsoonal weather impacts the north


Heatwave conditions for southern, eastern and western Australia

Hot conditions developing across southern and eastern Australia will build over the coming days, triggering low to severe intensity heatwave conditions. A heatwave occurs when the maximum and the minimum temperatures are unusually hot over a three-day period at a location.

Southern and south-eastern Australia will see maximum temperatures reaching 6 - 12 °C above average through the later part of this week.

Daytime temperatures are likely to be high 30s and low 40s, with overnight temperatures not dropping below the high teens.

Low intensity heatwave conditions will develop today across parts of south-west Northern Territory, and across parts of South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania.

A Heatwave Warning is current for western South Australia.

Pockets of Severe Intensity Heatwaves will develop across southeast Victoria, northeast Tasmania, and southeast New South Wales on Friday. The heatwave will become widespread across most parts of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania on Friday, also extending into southern Queensland.

Dry thunderstorms are possible across southeast South Australia, parts of Victoria and south-east New South Wales for the rest of today and Friday, posing possible fire danger.

Elevated Fire Danger is forecast across southern and south-eastern Australia as a result of the dry weather and high temperatures.

A Fire Weather Warning is current for Extreme Fire Danger across parts of South Australia and are anticipated for some parts of the Northern Territory and New South Wales on the weekend.

Numerous fires remain ongoing across eastern Australia, in particular, across Queensland's Western Downs, where a Watch and Act remains current.

Storm risk will continue across parts of central and eastern New South Wales through the weekend, with possible severe thunderstorms, large hail and damaging winds.

Victoria, Tasmania, and south-western New South Wales can expect some relief from the heat over the weekend.

Prolonged heatwave conditions continue for much of Western Australia

Low to severe intensity heatwave conditions continue over inland Western Australia with maximum temperatures expected to reach the low to mid 40s and some remote areas exceeding 45 °C.

Extreme heatwave conditions are expected to develop across parts of the Pilbara and North Interior areas from Friday, with possible temperatures in excess of 48 °C in remote locations.

A Heatwave Warning is current for much of inland Western Australia and will continue through the week.

High Fire Danger is forecast over the coming days across much of Western Australia.

Isolated thunderstorm activity with little rainfall and damaging winds are possible over northern and inland parts of Western Australia.

No real relief from the heat is expected, with high temperatures and heatwave conditions likely to continue across the weekend and possibly into the following week.

For more information about heatwaves visit our website.

Monsoonal conditions continue through parts of Northern Queensland

A Severe Weather Warning is current for Heavy Rainfall and Damaging Winds for parts of the Gulf Country, Peninsula and North Tropical Coast.

A Flood Watch is current for the Gulf Country, Cape York Peninsula, and the North Tropical Coast in anticipation of the widespread rainfall.

Minor to moderate flooding continues across several catchments throughout Queensland.

The monsoonal influence should begin to ease late into the weekend; however, storms and widespread showers are expected to continue across the tropical north well into next week.

Communities should stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via our website and BOM Weather app and follow the advice of emergency services.