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Social Media

The Bureau uses social media to share information and engage with the Australian community. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Bureau blog.

Our website is our primary and most up-to-date source of information including all forecasts and warnings. Our social media channels supplement, but do not replace, the comprehensive information on our website. Our social media channels must never be solely relied on for information.


Explore photos and videos of amazing weather from around Australia, learn about the fascinating science behind it, and go behind the scenes with Bureau staff. If you'd like us to share your Instagram posts, tag them #BOMweather.

Visit for forecasts and warnings.


Join almost 700,000 others as a friend of the Bureau on our Facebook page, which provides general information about the weather and climate as well as severe weather video updates. We display photos submitted from the public and let you know about new Bureau reports and products. We do not use Facebook to provide warnings or daily forecasts.


Where 24/7 forecasting operations allow, the Bureau tweets about current and impending weather, especially significant weather events, including cyclones, tsunami and floods. Our tweets generally link to information on our website which remains the most up-to-date and comprehensive official source of information. The accounts are used to share information but not engage in conversation.











Visit our Blog for a more in-depth look at weather phenomena and historical anecdotes.


Watch our monthly Climate and Water Outlook videos, archived severe weather updates and #AskBoM videos about weather phenomena, or check out videos that explain our products and services on YouTube. We do not have comments open on YouTube.

Monitoring and response

We welcome feedback, ideas and engagement from our social media community.

We encourage respectful conversation and won’t suppress legitimate discussion on relevant issues. We will take action if the use of our social media channels poses a risk to safety, is offensive or otherwise unacceptable, but will not generally respond to queries and comments. For more details, read our Facebook posting policy (under 'General Information’).

Our social media accounts are monitored during business hours Monday to Friday (AEDT) and in some cases out-of-hours.

We don’t endorse or accept responsibility for any content posted by other users or accounts we don’t manage — including Bureau employees’ personal accounts.

Following and sharing

We may share other users’ posts where we see a community benefit, and the content relates to our core functions.

We follow other accounts but we don't necessarily follow all of our followers. If we follow an account or user — or refer to existing accounts, posts, discussions or hashtags — please don't take this as any kind of recommendation or endorsement.


Our social media channels may sometimes be unavailable, and we cannot accept responsibility for lack of service due to third party services’ downtime.


Please use one of the following options to contact us:

General enquiries — see our contacts page

Use of social media — email

Media enquiries — email

Emergencies — call 000 if you are in immediate danger, or contact your local emergency services agency for advice about the impact of weather warnings.


The Bureau is required to comply with certain laws that affect how we create and manage records, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Archives Act 1983 (Cth). We will manage any personal information you provide to us in accordance with the Bureau’s privacy policy. You should also check the privacy policies of the social media channel providers such as Twitter and Facebook.


We will regularly review and update our social media services as required.