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Issued: Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Severe weather warnings are current for most of southern Australia including southern WA, southern SA, Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW with two complex weather systems bringing damaging winds, heavy rain and dangerous seas.

Marine wind warnings are current for damaging seas across most of the southern coast. One of the systems has already brought swells of up to 9 m off the WA coast overnight.

The systems are likely to bring severe weather conditions to WA, SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania states until Thursday.

There is a low risk of minor flooding in some regions, and rainfall may melt some snow in the Alpine regions and could lead to increased river rises.

The Bureau is monitoring the situation closely and will update its forecasts and warnings regularly.

Communities are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via the Bureau's website and BOM weather app and follow the advice of emergency services.

South Australia

Damaging winds gusts of up to 90 km/h are expected around the western parts of SA on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Conditions will ease on Wednesday, then deteriorate on Thursday with thunderstorms possible on Thursday night.

Localised heavy rainfall is possible on Thursday night into early Friday morning for Adelaide and surrounding agricultural areas.


Damaging wind gusts expected across much of Victoria tonight and into Wednesday morning, with gusts up to 110km/hr over south-west Victoria from tonight and destructive wind gusts of up to 130km/hr possible over the Alpine peaks from early Wednesday morning.

Localised heavy rainfall is possible across north-east Victoria from Wednesday, easing Friday. Cumulative rainfall totals of 50-80 mm are expected for the eastern ranges between Wednesday to Friday, with 20-50 mm more broadly across the northeast. Isolated totals of 90-110 mm are possible across the period, most likely around the higher peaks.

A flood watch is current for north-east Victoria with minor to moderate flooding possible for Upper Murray, Mitta Mitta, Kiewa, Ovens and Kings rivers overnight on Wednesday into Thursday morning.

New South Wales

Severe weather warnings are likely to be issued for the south-eastern parts of NSW today or tomorrow.

Thunderstorms are possible across broad inland areas. Thunderstorm warnings may be issued later this week.

Localised heavy rainfall of between 70-120 mm is possible for parts of inland NSW from Wednesday to Friday.

There is no flood risk to the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley or Northern Rivers regions.


A flood watch will be issued for catchments in the north of the state with minor to isolated moderate flooding possible from Wednesday.

Strong wind gusts of up to 90 km/hr are possible on Wednesday morning, with the slight risk of gusts up to 100 km/hr and gusty thunderstorms possible on the north and west coasts on Wednesday.

Widespread rainfall of 20 to 40mm is expected across northern Tasmania on Wednesday.

These conditions will ease slightly on Thursday with wind gusts of 70 to 80 km/hr and a further 10 to 25 mm of rain in north and west Tasmania possible.


Date State Title
16/08/2022 National Climate Driver Update - Wet outlook continues with an increased chance of La Nina developing this spring
12/08/2022 National Flood Watch current as parts of Tasmania face wet and windy Sunday
11/08/2022 NT Warruwi weather radar upgrade supports community, emergency services and industry
05/08/2022 National Kimberley region to benefit from enhanced weather information
04/08/2022 SA Flood watch issued as heavy rainfall expected in Mount Lofty Ranges
04/08/2022 VIC Strong winds and heavy rainfall continue and thunderstorms possible in Victoria today
04/08/2022 NSW Thunderstorms, heavy rain and flooding possible today for southern NSW and ACT
03/08/2022 National Severe weather conditions continue across five states and territories
03/08/2022 WA Wind conditions to ease as dangerous surf risk remains for southern WA
02/08/2022 National Wet outlook continues with a negative Indian Ocean Dipole event underway
02/08/2022 National Severe weather warnings for most of southern Australia for rest of the week
01/08/2022 WA Severe Weather Warnings for damaging winds, heavy rainfall and damaging surf issued as first front crosses coast
01/08/2022 National Powerful cold fronts expected to bring severe weather to southern half of Australia this week
31/07/2022 WA Damaging winds, heavy rainfall and damaging surf expected for Western Australia
29/07/2022 WA Strong winds, rainfall and dangerous surf expected for southern Western Australia next week
27/07/2022 TAS Tasmania faces snow and frost impacts over the coming days
27/07/2022 National Darwin's Berrimah weather radar upgrade to improve severe storm predictions
21/07/2022 National Damaging winds and dangerous surf conditions for Queensland and New South Wales coast
20/07/2022 National Update on wind, surf and rain conditions for the east coast and frost for parts of the south
19/07/2022 National Increase in winds, surf and rain expected this week for parts of the east coast
18/07/2022 National Weather update for Victoria and Tasmania
15/07/2022 National New update to BOM Weather app makes rainfall forecast easier to understand
07/07/2022 National Heavy rain easing but major flooding continues in NSW
06/07/2022 NSW Major flooding possible for Hunter River from Wednesday as major flooding continues in other NSW catchments
05/07/2022 NSW Major flooding occurring in NSW and likely to continue into Wednesday
05/07/2022 National Key climate drivers behind record rainfall in New South Wales
04/07/2022 National Risk of flooding remains across parts of New South Wales as rainfall eases today
03/07/2022 National NSW weather update: More major flooding possible as heavy rain intensifies
02/07/2022 NSW NSW weather update: Flood warnings issued as heavy rainfall continues for NSW central and south coasts
01/07/2022 National Significant rain expected for eastern Australia this weekend and early next week
24/06/2022 National New rainfall and temperature tools to help farmers plan for extreme weather and climate events
24/06/2022 National New version of Murray Darling Basin Water Information Portal released
23/06/2022 National Australia's space weather forecasting network undergoes significant upgrade
22/06/2022 National La Nina ends with potential return later in 2022
15/06/2022 WA Halls Creek weather radar to be upgraded
10/06/2022 VIC Damaging winds for Victoria from series of cold fronts over the long weekend
09/06/2022 TAS Snow, strong winds and large swell for Tasmania this long weekend
01/06/2022 National Significant cold and wind outbreak for south-east Australia, easing on Thursday, but with further cold fronts this weekend
31/05/2022 National Significant cold and wind outbreak for south-east Australia
31/05/2022 National Communities around the coast of Arnhem Land set to benefit from weather radar upgrade
30/05/2022 National Powerful cold front to bring damaging winds, snow and showers to south-east Australia
29/05/2022 National Strong cold front and low-pressure system to impact south-east Australia from today
27/05/2022 National Powerful cold front and low-pressure system to impact south-east Australia next week
27/05/2022 National First Nations history recognised with dual name for Tasmanian air pollution station
26/05/2022 National La Nina slowly weakening into winter but above average rainfall expected for eastern Australia
25/05/2022 National Special Climate Statement 76 - Extreme rainfall and flooding in south-east Queensland and eastern New South Wales, February-March 2022
24/05/2022 WA Windy and wet conditions continue for south-west Western Australia
20/05/2022 QLD Flood Watch current for catchments between Sarina and Caboolture
20/05/2022 WA Wet and windy over southwest WA from Sunday, another cloud band for the northwest
19/05/2022 National Bureau app upgrades to help communities better prepare for severe weather events
15/05/2022 QLD Rain eases across south-east Queensland while flooding continues for some communities
14/05/2022 National Flood warnings remain current across Queensland catchments as rain continues to ease over the weekend
13/05/2022 National Severe weather warning for south-east Queensland as rain continues to bring flooding impacts
12/05/2022 National Minor Flood Warning issued for Brisbane City
11/05/2022 National Widespread rain continues in Queensland with flood warnings and watches current
10/05/2022 WA Significant rainfall expected in Western Australia from tomorrow
10/05/2022 QLD Queensland severe weather update Tuesday 10 May 2022
09/05/2022 QLD Severe weather warning issued for significant rainfall across Queensland
09/05/2022 QLD Severe weather warning issued for significant rainfall across Queensland
06/05/2022 WA Prepare for the unpredictable: get ready now for storm season
06/05/2022 TAS Severe Weather Warning Tasmania Friday 6 May 2022
06/05/2022 National Heavy rainfall to impact parts of Queensland over coming days
04/05/2022 TAS Severe weather possible for east and south Tasmania later this week
03/05/2022 National Significant cold front and heavy rain forecast for Victoria and Tasmania
29/04/2022 National La Nina set to continue until early winter; wetter than average conditions forecast
29/04/2022 QLD New weather radar gives Central Queensland communities better rain, wind and storm awareness
27/04/2022 National Darwin Airport weather radar to undergo a significant upgrade
24/04/2022 National Cold fronts to bring wintry conditions to south-western Western Australia
22/04/2022 QLD Cool and wet conditions expected for Western Queensland
21/04/2022 QLD Severe weather and flood warnings current for parts of Queensland's North Tropical Coast
20/04/2022 QLD Heavy rainfall for the North Tropical Queensland Coast
14/04/2022 National Mild and settled weather conditions expected for Easter long weekend
12/04/2022 WA Severe Weather Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Flood Watch for southern Western Australia
11/04/2022 National Severe weather and flash flooding risk for southern Western Australia
08/04/2022 NSW Flood warnings current as rain eases across south-east New South Wales
07/04/2022 National Major flood warnings current as heavy rainfall continuing in south-east New South Wales
05/04/2022 NSW Flood watch issued for several catchment areas in New South Wales, heavy rainfall forecast
01/04/2022 VIC Flood watch issued for Gippsland, Victoria with heavy rainfall expected on the weekend
31/03/2022 WA Severe Weather Warnings and Flood Watch for parts of Western Australia
31/03/2022 NSW Flood and Hazardous Surf warnings remain current for New South Wales
30/03/2022 NSW Major flooding for Northern Rivers including Lismore
29/03/2022 QLD Flood warnings still current despite rain easing in south-east Queensland
29/03/2022 NSW Severe weather and flood warnings issued as storms continue in New South Wales
28/03/2022 NSW Heavy rainfall forecast for Wilsons River catchment on Monday night
28/03/2022 National Severe weather warnings and flood watches issued for Queensland and New South Wales including communities impacted by recent severe weather
27/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms continuing in the southern interior of Queensland today, with increased rainfall expected for south-east Queensland from Monday
27/03/2022 NSW Showers and thunderstorms expected to continue for parts of New South Wales with flood watches and warnings in place
26/03/2022 NSW Heavy rain and thunderstorms expected to continue for parts of New South
25/03/2022 WA Severe thunderstorms expected for western parts of Western Australia over the weekend
25/03/2022 NSW Showers and thunderstorms likely to continue for New South Wales until next week
24/03/2022 WA Rainfall expected for western parts of Western Australia over the weekend
24/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms and moderate to heavy rainfall likely for parts of New South Wales
23/03/2022 WA Severe Tropical Cyclone Charlotte remains off coast of Western Australia
23/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall expected for parts of New South Wales
21/03/2022 WA Tropical Cyclone Charlotte set to bring wet and windy weather to parts of Western Australia
21/03/2022 National La Nina expected to finish late autumn
10/03/2022 National Flooding continues for New South Wales and Queensland with weather conditions expected to continue easing
10/03/2022 National Bureau and Hydro Tasmania power on critical agreement
09/03/2022 National Rain eases for New South Wales while flood warnings continue
09/03/2022 National Severe to dangerous thunderstorms likely across south-east and parts of central Queensland
08/03/2022 National Severe Weather in New South Wales bringing potential flooding impacts
08/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms likely with damaging winds, large hail and heavy rainfall for Queensland
07/03/2022 NSW Severe weather to continue across New South Wales, flood warnings remain in place
07/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall possible for Queensland this week
06/03/2022 National Heavy rainfall expected for New South Wales as numerous flood warnings remain in place
04/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms continue across south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales
03/03/2022 National Very dangerous thunderstorms forecast for south-east Queensland, flood warnings in place
03/03/2022 National Severe weather warning issued for New South Wales Central and South coasts, major flood warnings in place
02/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms expected and potential flooding for south-east Queensland
02/03/2022 NSW Major flooding to continue in New South Wales
02/03/2022 NSW Flood warning upgraded to major for Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers
02/03/2022 National Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland
02/03/2022 National Hot summer in northern, southern and western Australia and wet in the east as records fall
02/03/2022 National COVID-19 restrictions and floods delay delivery of Taroom weather radar
01/03/2022 National Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
28/02/2022 National Major flooding continues in Queensland
28/02/2022 National Major flooding continues in northern New South Wales
27/02/2022 QLD Major flood warnings issued
27/02/2022 WA Tropical Cyclone Anika makes landfall near Faraway Bay overnight
27/02/2022 QLD Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
26/02/2022 NSW Flood watch for Northern Rivers and Mid North Coast of New South Wales
26/02/2022 National Flood warnings in place across south-east Queensland
25/02/2022 QLD Heavy rain and flooding continue across south-east Queensland
25/02/2022 National Autumn Outlook: La Nina wanes while Australia faces a potentially wetter-than-average autumn
15/01/2022 National Tsunami warnings issued for parts of east coast, Norfolk, Lord Howe and Macquarie Islands
10/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Tiffany has crossed Queensland coast today, Cyclone Watch issued for Northern Territory
09/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Tiffany named, expected to cross Queensland coast on Monday evening
09/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Warning issued for Far North Queensland as system intensifies
08/01/2022 QLD Tropical Cyclone Watch issued for Far North Queensland as system intensifies
06/01/2022 National 2021 coolest year in nearly a decade and wettest since 2016