Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

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27/05/2022 National Powerful cold front and low-pressure system to impact south-east Australia next week
27/05/2022 National First Nations history recognised with dual name for Tasmanian air pollution station
26/05/2022 National La Nina slowly weakening into winter but above average rainfall expected for eastern Australia
25/05/2022 National Special Climate Statement 76 - Extreme rainfall and flooding in south-east Queensland and eastern New South Wales, February-March 2022
24/05/2022 WA Windy and wet conditions continue for south-west Western Australia
20/05/2022 QLD Flood Watch current for catchments between Sarina and Caboolture
20/05/2022 WA Wet and windy over southwest WA from Sunday, another cloud band for the northwest
19/05/2022 National Bureau app upgrades to help communities better prepare for severe weather events
15/05/2022 QLD Rain eases across south-east Queensland while flooding continues for some communities
14/05/2022 National Flood warnings remain current across Queensland catchments as rain continues to ease over the weekend
13/05/2022 National Severe weather warning for south-east Queensland as rain continues to bring flooding impacts
12/05/2022 National Minor Flood Warning issued for Brisbane City
11/05/2022 National Widespread rain continues in Queensland with flood warnings and watches current
10/05/2022 WA Significant rainfall expected in Western Australia from tomorrow
10/05/2022 QLD Queensland severe weather update Tuesday 10 May 2022
09/05/2022 QLD Severe weather warning issued for significant rainfall across Queensland
09/05/2022 QLD Severe weather warning issued for significant rainfall across Queensland
06/05/2022 WA Prepare for the unpredictable: get ready now for storm season
06/05/2022 TAS Severe Weather Warning Tasmania Friday 6 May 2022
06/05/2022 National Heavy rainfall to impact parts of Queensland over coming days
04/05/2022 TAS Severe weather possible for east and south Tasmania later this week
03/05/2022 National Significant cold front and heavy rain forecast for Victoria and Tasmania
29/04/2022 National La Nina set to continue until early winter; wetter than average conditions forecast
29/04/2022 QLD New weather radar gives Central Queensland communities better rain, wind and storm awareness
27/04/2022 National Darwin Airport weather radar to undergo a significant upgrade
24/04/2022 National Cold fronts to bring wintry conditions to south-western Western Australia
22/04/2022 QLD Cool and wet conditions expected for Western Queensland
21/04/2022 QLD Severe weather and flood warnings current for parts of Queensland's North Tropical Coast
20/04/2022 QLD Heavy rainfall for the North Tropical Queensland Coast
14/04/2022 National Mild and settled weather conditions expected for Easter long weekend
12/04/2022 WA Severe Weather Warning, Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Flood Watch for southern Western Australia
11/04/2022 National Severe weather and flash flooding risk for southern Western Australia
08/04/2022 NSW Flood warnings current as rain eases across south-east New South Wales
07/04/2022 National Major flood warnings current as heavy rainfall continuing in south-east New South Wales
05/04/2022 NSW Flood watch issued for several catchment areas in New South Wales, heavy rainfall forecast
01/04/2022 VIC Flood watch issued for Gippsland, Victoria with heavy rainfall expected on the weekend
31/03/2022 WA Severe Weather Warnings and Flood Watch for parts of Western Australia
31/03/2022 NSW Flood and Hazardous Surf warnings remain current for New South Wales
30/03/2022 NSW Major flooding for Northern Rivers including Lismore
29/03/2022 QLD Flood warnings still current despite rain easing in south-east Queensland
29/03/2022 NSW Severe weather and flood warnings issued as storms continue in New South Wales
28/03/2022 NSW Heavy rainfall forecast for Wilsons River catchment on Monday night
28/03/2022 National Severe weather warnings and flood watches issued for Queensland and New South Wales including communities impacted by recent severe weather
27/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms continuing in the southern interior of Queensland today, with increased rainfall expected for south-east Queensland from Monday
27/03/2022 NSW Showers and thunderstorms expected to continue for parts of New South Wales with flood watches and warnings in place
26/03/2022 NSW Heavy rain and thunderstorms expected to continue for parts of New South
25/03/2022 WA Severe thunderstorms expected for western parts of Western Australia over the weekend
25/03/2022 NSW Showers and thunderstorms likely to continue for New South Wales until next week
24/03/2022 WA Rainfall expected for western parts of Western Australia over the weekend
24/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms and moderate to heavy rainfall likely for parts of New South Wales
23/03/2022 WA Severe Tropical Cyclone Charlotte remains off coast of Western Australia
23/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall expected for parts of New South Wales
21/03/2022 WA Tropical Cyclone Charlotte set to bring wet and windy weather to parts of Western Australia
21/03/2022 National La Nina expected to finish late autumn
10/03/2022 National Flooding continues for New South Wales and Queensland with weather conditions expected to continue easing
10/03/2022 National Bureau and Hydro Tasmania power on critical agreement
09/03/2022 National Rain eases for New South Wales while flood warnings continue
09/03/2022 National Severe to dangerous thunderstorms likely across south-east and parts of central Queensland
08/03/2022 National Severe Weather in New South Wales bringing potential flooding impacts
08/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms likely with damaging winds, large hail and heavy rainfall for Queensland
07/03/2022 NSW Severe weather to continue across New South Wales, flood warnings remain in place
07/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms and heavy rainfall possible for Queensland this week
06/03/2022 National Heavy rainfall expected for New South Wales as numerous flood warnings remain in place
04/03/2022 National Severe thunderstorms continue across south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales
03/03/2022 National Very dangerous thunderstorms forecast for south-east Queensland, flood warnings in place
03/03/2022 National Severe weather warning issued for New South Wales Central and South coasts, major flood warnings in place
02/03/2022 QLD Severe thunderstorms expected and potential flooding for south-east Queensland
02/03/2022 NSW Major flooding to continue in New South Wales
02/03/2022 NSW Flood warning upgraded to major for Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers
02/03/2022 National Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland
02/03/2022 National Hot summer in northern, southern and western Australia and wet in the east as records fall
02/03/2022 National COVID-19 restrictions and floods delay delivery of Taroom weather radar
01/03/2022 National Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
28/02/2022 National Major flooding continues in Queensland
28/02/2022 National Major flooding continues in northern New South Wales
27/02/2022 QLD Major flood warnings issued
27/02/2022 WA Tropical Cyclone Anika makes landfall near Faraway Bay overnight
27/02/2022 QLD Rainfall and flooding continues across south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales
26/02/2022 NSW Flood watch for Northern Rivers and Mid North Coast of New South Wales
26/02/2022 National Flood warnings in place across south-east Queensland
25/02/2022 QLD Heavy rain and flooding continue across south-east Queensland
25/02/2022 National Autumn Outlook: La Nina wanes while Australia faces a potentially wetter-than-average autumn
15/01/2022 National Tsunami warnings issued for parts of east coast, Norfolk, Lord Howe and Macquarie Islands
10/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Tiffany has crossed Queensland coast today, Cyclone Watch issued for Northern Territory
09/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Tiffany named, expected to cross Queensland coast on Monday evening
09/01/2022 National Tropical Cyclone Warning issued for Far North Queensland as system intensifies
08/01/2022 QLD Tropical Cyclone Watch issued for Far North Queensland as system intensifies
06/01/2022 National 2021 coolest year in nearly a decade and wettest since 2016