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Geomagnetic storm update


Issued 1pm AEST Sunday 12 May 2024

The Bureau of Meteorology's Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre has observed a geomagnetic storm event which in the last 24 hours resulted in amazing images of Aurora Australis from as far north as Mackay Queensland.

The Bureau first issued a geomagnetic storm G5 warning on 11 May. G5 – Extreme planetary conditions were reached 9:45 am AEST on Saturday 11 May 2024 and G4 – Severe conditions were reached in the Australian Region at 7:00 pm AEST on Saturday 11 May 2024.

A G5 planetary geomagnetic storm has not occurred since October 2003.

Current planetary geomagnetic conditions are at the G3 - Strong level. Geomagnetic conditions within Australia are currently lower at G1 – Minor conditions. The Bureau is forecasting similar risk of further related events, until 6:00 pm AEST Tuesday, 14 May 2024.

The G-scale is a measure of global geomagnetic activity, which refers to fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field across the globe. The G-scale ranges from G1 (minor) to G5 (extreme).

The Bureau continues to monitor the situation and will provide updates of significant changes.

Due to continued geomagnetic activity, aurora sightings are possible at low-latitude locations across Australia tonight including Tasmania and areas of southern New South Wales and Victoria.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Australian Space Weather Forecasting Centre (ASWFC) is the official source of space weather forecasts, alerts and warnings in Australia.

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