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Eastern Australia swelters under widespread heatwave conditions


Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are forecast to continue for eastern Australia for several days, with widespread temperatures in the low to mid-40s.

Forecast temperatures are well above average for southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, and have triggered Severe to Extreme Heatwave conditions on the Bureau's Heatwave Forecast.

Hot conditions will extend from inland Queensland into the southeast of the state later in the week, with high humidity making the conditions even more uncomfortable.

In New South Wales, a wind change on Thursday may result in temporary relief for southern and central coastal parts of the state, however this change will be shallow and any relief is likely to be short-lived with the heat building up again on Friday.

We're urging the public to stay tuned for the latest forecasts and warnings from the Bureau, and follow the advice of local emergency services.

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Heatwave risk

When temperatures are unusually hot over a period of time, with continuously high night-time and day-time temperatures, heat stress becomes a critical factor in human survival and infrastructure resilience.

See the Bureau’s Heatwave Assessments for this week.

Hot weather can affect anybody, may make existing medical conditions worse and can cause heat-related illness. In some cases heat effects may be fatal. Heatwaves may also affect community infrastructure such as power supply and other support services.

The best way to reduce the risk of heat-related illness is to drink plenty of water and keep your body as cool as possible, and avoid prolonged sun exposure by staying indoors in cool or air-conditioned facilities-either at home or at local shopping centres, libraries and cinemas.

Find out more by checking the Queensland and NSW Health websites:

NOTE FOR MEDIA: A severe weather update video for this event is avaliable to share and distrubute