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Severe Tropical Cyclones forecast this weekend, coinciding with World Meteorological Day


The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting two severe tropical cyclones to make landfall this weekend, bringing dangerous conditions to parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

There are 'watch' and 'warning' zones for many Gulf of Carpentaria communities as dangerous conditions, such as very destructive winds, widespread heavy rainfall and a very dangerous storm tide threaten the area due to Severe Tropical Cyclone Trevor.

Meanwhile, Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica is forecast to cross the Pilbara coast this weekend, also bringing with it very destructive winds, widespread heavy rainfall and a very dangerous storm tide.

The severe weather coincides with World Meteorological Day today (Saturday) which is marked each year on 23 March and highlights the key role meteorological agencies play, such as the Bureau, in helping to protect community.

The Bureau mobilised its full national resources well in advance of tropical cyclones Trevor and Veronica to help ensure the safety and well-being of the impacted communities.

Bureau Extreme Weather Desk Manager James Taylor said the current events were a reminder for communities to remain vigilant to the risks posed by severe weather.

"We are tracking very significant weather systems for World Meteorological Day, with two tropical cyclones set to make landfall over the weekend," Mr Taylor said.

"The Bureau is urging communities to follow the advice of their local emergency services, and to keep aware of the Bureau's current forecasts and warnings.

"Know your weather, and know your risk.

"The latest weather and warnings for these systems can be accessed via the Bureau's website."

World Meteorological Day is marked each year by metrological agencies across the world, with the 2019 theme being The Sun, the Earth and the Weather.

Click to download video and audio interviews with Bureau of Meteorology Extreme Weather Desk manager James Taylor discussing Tropical Cyclones Trevor and Veronica and World Meteorological Day.